Overview In this video, two teachers from Fall Hamilton in Nashville, TN discuss where the standards fit in text based planning.More
Overview Click the video resources below to explore leaders and teachers’ planning and instructional approaches to literacy. Text Based Planning Advice for Schools as Beginning to Implement Text Talks and Text Based Planning Where Do the Standards...More
Overview In this second grade planning meeting, teachers from Fall Hamilton in Nashvile, TN engage in a text talk about a story in their curriculum that they will use in upcoming instruction.More
Overview In this video, we see the 3rd-grade team at Fall Hamilton in Nashville, TN engage in a text talk about a story in their curriculum that they plan to use for upcoming instruction.More
In this video, literacy experts David and Meredith Liben of Student Achievement Partners share their thoughts on a text first approach.More
3rd grade teachers at Dr. Weeks Elementary School in Syracuse, NY consider ways to adapt instruction to address common misconceptions identified during data analysis in a data meeting.More
6th grade teachers at Clary Middle School in Syracuse, NY reflect on their instruction during math analysis in a data meeting to gain insight about causes of students’ misconceptions and potential ways to address them.More
This screencast will support your learning to: Identify how the Common Core State Standards define “texts”, “standards”, and “content” and understand the importance of each Begin to consider the implications of balancing these three elements...More
Meredith Liben, Director of Literacy and English Language Arts at Student Achievement Partners discusses the social justice oriented framework of the Common Core Literacy State Standards.More