Overview Drawing on our internal team, as well as insights from the Literacy Mindtrust and key contributions from SAP and UnboundEd, this new virtual learning module brings together our best thinking on how schools can support K-2 literacy...More
ANet’s unique Virtual Learning Modules are designed as quick (30-45 dedicated min) online courses sequenced on high impact topics in ELA, aimed at helping you tackle foundational topics first, and increasingly specialized topics as your...More
In this video, literacy experts David and Meredith Liben of Student Achievement Partners share their thoughts on a text first approach...More
Overview UPDATED in 2019! This module brings to life one of our most beloved Core Sessions on Text Dependent Questioning. Teachers will learn about the purpose of TDQs, and what TDQs are. They’ll also get a chance to practice writing some TDQs...More
Overview This Virtual Learning module provides leaders and teachers with a detailed overview of the three shifts in ELA and points them to valuable resources to help deepen their knowledge. We recommend this module for Foundations schools, and for...More
Overview We had the privilege of working directly with Dr. Lily Wong Fillmore, an early pioneer of this powerful strategy, to help partners support English Language Learners as they access grade-level complex texts. Partners will learn about why...More
Overview In this VL Module, teachers will learn about the role of text complexity in advancing equity, while exploring its quantitative and qualitative components. Along the way, they’ll have an opportunity to closely read a text, identify its...More
Overview This module provides partners with a detailed overview of the IPG, and its roots within the standards and instructional equity. Based on users’ grade band, folks have an opportunity to observe classroom video and comment on strengths...More
Overview This module brings to life Key Shift #3 in ELA. Teachers will learn about why building world knowledge is essential to teaching literacy and advancing equity in the classroom. Users will also get a chance to observe two teachers and study...More