Overview COVID-19 will have a significant impact on school operations and student learning now and in the foreseeable future. In addition to the summer learning loss that students typically experience each year, COVID-19 compounds this loss...More
Overview Find example EngageNY annotated lessons for: 1.OA, 1.NBT, 4.NF, 6.EE and 7.EEMore
Overview Learning Heroes, in conjunction with The National Parent Teacher Association and Scholastic have released parent support resources that help build knowledge about defining “success” for their child during the school year, ways to have...More
In this video, literacy experts David and Meredith Liben of Student Achievement Partners share their thoughts on a text first approach...More
Overview UPDATED in 2019! This module brings to life one of our most beloved Core Sessions on Text Dependent Questioning. Teachers will learn about the purpose of TDQs, and what TDQs are. They’ll also get a chance to practice writing some TDQs...More
Overview This VL module introduces partners to the three shifts brought on by the math standards and gives them a chance to dig deeper with resources from Student Achievement Partners and other partner organizations. This module is recommended for...More
Overview This module provides partners with a detailed overview of the IPG, and its roots within the standards and instructional equity. Based on users’ grade band, folks have an opportunity to observe classroom video and comment on strengths...More
Overview This module brings to life Key Shift #3 in ELA. Teachers will learn about why building world knowledge is essential to teaching literacy and advancing equity in the classroom. Users will also get a chance to observe two teachers and study...More
Overview Learn how to use thought-provoking questions to push students to find evidence in the text to support their ideas. You can use this resource guide as pre-work ahead of a learning session, part of follow-up after an interaction to...More