Serving our system and school partners in the time of COVID19 has required a lot of flexibility, rapid learning, and continued positioning as trusted advisors to our leaders(hip teams).  Each of us should continue to draw on our coaching practices, anchored in listening to and understanding the needs of each partner and then defining an outcome/step forward and plan to reach that outcome.  In most cases, we see that after the first 2-3 weeks of responding to this unprecedented “remote schooling” situation and all the decisions it involves, many partners have welcomed our sustained commitment to their needs, our flexibility, and resources.

Here are a few guardrails intended to support greater consistency in coach actions and partner experience as you continue your coaching work:

  • All coaches should continue to use these four resources: 
  • Our core work still matters and we will continue to focus on supporting the unique strengths and leadership development opportunities of partners that we always have to strengthen equitable instruction now and/or in the future.  You can use our Leader Levers as a way to organize your thinking: 
    • Know your data and know your students: When students come back in the fall, it will be critical to get a sense of what they know and where they have gaps. We should continue to leverage current student data now and in the future to keep students top of mind.  
    • Know the standards: The most marginalized students are the ones who are most likely to experience learning losses or disruptions due to COVID-19.  Maintaining a focus on the standards is a critical part of ensuring that these students aren’t left behind.
    • Set a priority: With ongoing disruption and uncertainty likely through next school year, it will be even more important to set and focus on a clear set of academic priorities and communicate clear expectations for remote engagement and schooling. 
    • Develop your teachers: Teachers feel vulnerable right now, as they are asked to do new things in new ways. It is critical for leadership teams to have a clear vision of how they will continue to support teacher development in the new environment. 
    • Develop your leadership team: Similarly, leadership teams need to continue their own development as they learn and adapt in this new context. Strong leadership can make all the difference in a crisis situation. 
  • Define a focused outcome for each partner given this spring’s work; this might be the same practice outcomes and focus as originally planned or adapted as a result of COVID19 

  • Getting it right with and for our partners  means orienting to providing the contracted number of interactions and strong PL in support of the defined outcome.
  • We  are pushing for 100% of Networks/coaches to engage 100% of partners in end-of-year meetings (regardless of renewal); here is Spring 2020 EOY Meeting Guidance .
  • We are still instructional leadership coaches; so we shouldn’t (or in very rare circumstances) provide direct teacher coaching without the leader present, and our focus with leaders should continue to be urgently focused on increasing equitable instruction through leadership development. In some cases, this will be in service of helping teachers as learners be effective in the virtual space and carry that over into classrooms, but in other cases, this will be focused on leaders’ development.
  • In limited cases, there may be coaching opportunities that are critical to a partner, but that fall outside our typical realm of instructional leadership.  If this occurs coaches should elevate the request to their manager and ensure the leader works alongside the coach.

Determine    the Distance Learning Approach (Leader Lever  1) 

ANet Materials To Support This Phase

  • Coach/Partner Resources : Here you’ll find resources such as comprehensive lists of online learning supports, suggestions for utilizing myANet remotely and much more!

External Examples to Support This Phase

Communicate    & Train    the Team  in the Approach  (Leader Lever 3, 4, 5)

ANet Materials To Support This Phase

External Examples to Support This Phase

    Launch    the Approach with Students & Families (Leader Lever    3) 

    ANet Materials to Support this Phase

    • Coach/Partner Resources: Here you’ll find resources such as sample family communication, community agreements,  and much more!

    External Examples to Support this Phase

    Checking Progress/Impact of Distance Learning;    Identifying Wins and Adjusting for Impact (Leader Lever 1, 2, 4)

    ANet Materials to support this phase

    • Coach/Partner Resources: Here you’ll find resources such as sample planning meeting agendas, accountability check-lists, and much more! 

    External Eamples to Support this Phase

    Continue   Development Structures for Teachers and Leaders (Leader Lever 4, 5)

    ANet Materials to Support this Phase