• LASW Protocol for Math Tasks and CR Items and HS Math Tasks
    • This protocol can be used to analyze student work for actionable trends.  Before analyzing student work, you will want to spend time understanding the standards and the task using steps 1-2 of this protocol, if you haven’t already.  We recommend setting aside 45 minutes to work through the protocol and working in collaboration with others.
  • LASW Protocol for Focus/Rigor and Tasks
    • This 45-60 min LASW protocol was adapted from our ANet LASW protocol to help teachers focus in on specific instructional priorities (1a, 2a). The protocol includes guiding questions for teachers to consider as well as “tips” for each piece of the protocol.
    • Analyze student work with an eye towards focus, rigor, and tasks in order to (1) deepen knowledge about high-quality tasks, (2) create an effective action plan to address gaps in student understanding, (3) align future instruction to aspect(s) of rigor being targeted.