Use the materials below to support schools with foundational skills instruction and reading comprehension in grades K-2. Check out our section for upper grades as well for reading remediation support. Curious where to go next? Check out the related resources below for other ways to address literacy unfinished learning. 

<Start Here!> Foundational Skills and the Science of Reading 

If this content is new for you, we recommend building your expertise with these resources in the order they are presented and considering the reflection questions along the way to deepen your understanding.   Downloaded a grab-and-go one-pager of these resources here

“Research indicates that, without direct instructional support, phonemic awareness eludes roughly 25% of middle-class first graders and substantially more of those who come from less literacy-rich backgrounds.”- Marilyn Adams

Foundational Skills Unfinished Learning in the Upper Grades

Additional Recommended Reading

“{I highly recommend Causes and Remedies of the Literacy Gap because it} articulates the factors that prevent students from being competent readers (citing the research) and gives concrete suggestions on what to do about it.  It would be great to use this to support teachers/leaders in understanding the components of their literacy curriculum and/or literacy block (potentially to identify its strengths and weaknesses).”— ANet Coach & Foundational Skills Expert, Christina Lippert

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UFLI Content

  • Lesson Structure — UF Literacy Institute: Here you will find templates and sample lessons for teaching foundational skills virtually.
  • Word Work at a Distance: In this video, Dr. Nell Duke (of the University of Michigan School of Education) offers ideas and recommendations on how to provide phonological awareness, phonics, interactive writing, and vocabulary instruction for young children at a distance.