We at ANet are committed to supporting you and providing you with resources, not only for your students, but also for your own work. Over the past few months, the ANet team has been listening,  learning and evolving alongside our partners.  We know the learning loss from COVID-19 will be different than anything we’ve seen before, and that the most marginalized students will face the biggest barriers to receiving equitable instruction. To help you move forward in your instructional planning, the free resources below reflect our most up-to-date tools and frameworks. 

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We can help you plan for distance learning. 


Whether you’re  orienting to new technology, exploring new virtual learning platforms, or adjusting instructional techniques to meet new remote demands, we know it can be a lot to process! Let ANet help you assess your current distance learning needs and make adjustments to support student learning. 

planning for remote learning


External reading on distance learning 

We can help you plan for instructional recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic   has dramatically shifted the way leaders, teachers, students, and families experience teaching and  learning. As leaders plan to support teachers and students during instructional recovery, learning loss— and how to address it— is top of mind. The publications below can help you prioritize and take action in the coming year. 


Systems and School level Guidance


external reading on reopening guidance 

We can help you plan for professional development. 

As educators, we are continuous learners. In these new times, we know we have to double down on adult learning and develop ourselves amidst this  new landscape.  The resources below can help you shift and propel adult learning  through new virtual channels, while still focusing on valuable instructional topics.

We can help you stay in the know. 

Check back here each week for a new curated list of the articles that have been gaining the attention of ANet’s team and informing the resources we provide to our partners.  Looking for an article from a previous week? View all articles here

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We can connect you to our trusted partners.

By now, we know you have gotten dozens of lists of online resources from many different organizations. Rather than add to the noise, we are always wading through  the materials, looking for the top news to share with our partners. The organizations below are also sharing high quality materials  to help advance our mission of providing equitable instruction to all students. 


  • [NEW]    Ednovate:   Q4 Virtual Mini-PDs, available on demand for student work submissions, grading & analysis. 
  • CASEL: A leader in social emotional learning, is offering free webinars every Friday.
  • AEM: A leader in accessible materials is hosting free webinars on Mondays.
  • NCTM: A leader in mathematics instruction  is hosting 100  free webinars to support professional learning.
  • SAP: Check out this on demand free webinar that highlights reading routines in remote settings.  
  • NYTimes: The news giant is presenting free webinars every Wednesday to connect parents and teachers key remote learning topics.
  • UF Literacy Institute: Here you will find templates and sample lessons for teaching foundational skills virtually.
  • Word Work at a Distance: In this video, Dr. Nell Duke (of the University of Michigan School of Education) offers ideas and recommendations on how to provide phonological awareness, phonics, interactive writing, and vocabulary instruction for young children at a distance.


  • Mindful Leader: How to Take Care of Your Health and Well-Being in the Time of Coronavirus
  • ASCD: 5 Strategies for Teacher Self-Care
  • Turnaround for Children:  Recipe for Reducing Stress and Boosting Health (and new 180 podcast)
  • NCTSN: Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Community Organizations and Leaders (and checklist )
  • CDC: Recommendations on Managing Anxiety & Stress

other helpful resources

  • Understood: Tips & updates for students and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • TNTP:  Guides for  hiring, technology, and supporting students with learning difficulties.
  • Instruction Partners:  Customizable instructional materials for student care and continued learning.
  • Doug Lemov:  Reflections and examples of how great teachers are moving their instruction online.
  • Ed Trust: A new podcast highlights success stories of individual districts navigating COVID.

Disclaimer: Many of these links take you to external organizations. It is your responsibility to ensure you  comply with any copyright or permissions restrictions before using these materials.

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